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11 “А” класс
13 апреля (понедельник)
The 13 th of April. Monday.
11 “a” form.
Topic: “Where Better To Live: In A City Or A Village?”
Purpose of the lesson: Today we shall answer at this question.

TASK 1. We shall learn some new words to describe life in the city or village. You can see them in your textbook, Pg.124 Ex. 2. Read and translate the following words. Write down it in your copybook. (Don’t forget about date, day of week)

TASK 2. I’d like you to open your textbook and read the task of Ex. 5 from the Pg. 125.
Are you ready to listen trek №1? Let’s do it.
Write the answer in your copybook.

TASK 3. Read the text from the Ex. 9 and answer the question from the Ex. 10. Write this answers in you copybook. ( don’t forget to write the date, day of week, classwork, pg. ex.)

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