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9в  Тема”Washington”, упр. 2,стр108-110

Ребята,ещё раз повторите этот текст, и ответьте письменно на следующие вопросы(можно на листочке, с подписанными именем и фамилией) :

1.Who was the British Empire fighting against,when Washington was in his early twenties?
2.Why didn’t he stay in the British army?
3.Why were the Americans angry when they heard about the new law about the tax?
4.What did the Bostonians decide to do when British ships loaded with tea came into Bostonians Harber?
5.How did they call this?
6.Why didn’t Washington’s peaceful life last long?
7.What was the Congress at that time?
8.What did Washington decide to do when he was chosen as head of the colonists’ army?
9.When was Washington chosen as the President
of the US?
10.Why do Americans call him “the Father of our Country”?
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