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The 15 th of April, Tuesday.

9 “b” form

Topic : “Do you work during your summer holiday?”
Good morning, my friends. How are you?
Let’s continue learning English.
I have looked at Uchi. Ru. I congratulate Natasha and Sonya. They have graduated
from A1 PLUS. Well done!
Today you should do only one exercise, but it is very-very big. But, as I said last lesson, you are very cleaver children and make it easy.
ARE YOU READY? Let’s start.
Task 1. Open your book, find Ex. 1 from Pg. 130. Read the first text (A) and write a letter to Emma giving answers to her questions (120-150 words).

TODAY you should post this work on e-mail: cta@sch7-slob.ru , you can print an email, but don’t use GDZ, I have written that letter.


P.S. Every day I open unlimited number tasks on Uchi.Ru at 14:00. Don’t forget about it!