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9в Тема”Jefferson” (упр. 5,стр111)
1.Делим текст на 3 части. 1я часть заканчивается перед словами:”…Jefferson locked himself…. Читаем и переводим.
2.Письменно отвечаем на вопросы по английски(сканируем или фотографируем, отсылаем своевременно) :
1.When and where was Thomas Jefferson born?
2.Which families did his parents come from?
3.Where was he elected to when he was twenty-five?
4.What did Jefferson do before the courts were closed by the American Revolution?
5.Who did he stand with from the beginning of the American war with Britain?
6.Which state was he a delegate to the Second Continental Congress from?
7.What was the decision of the Congress in 1776?
8.What was Jefferson chosen for?
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