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The 15 th of April, Wednesday
.8 “a” form
Let’s keep talking about healthy lifestile.

Today we will speak about teenagers.s
Task 1. Open your book, find Ex. 1 from the page 141. Last lesson you read about teenagers, who speaking about healthy and unhealthy lifestile. Have you answered the questions? Well done!
Now, write down your answers on a Dictaphone and send e-mail: cta@sch7-slob.ru.
Don’t forget to introduce yourself

Task 2. Reading comprehension : https://onlinetestpad.com/ru/testview/2359-podbor-zag..
Don’t forget to write your name and send to e-mail: cta@sch7-slob.ru.

Task 3. Open your book. Find Pg. 147, Ex. 1.1 Read, translate and answer the question 1(1). After that you should write your own opinion.

Good luck! See you soon!

P.S. Every day I open unlimited number tasks on Uchi.Ru at 14:00. Don’t forget about it!