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The 23d of April, Thursday
11 “а” form

Good morning my dear friends. I haven’t forgotten about you and our lesson. Now I’m sitting and looking through the window. What a terrible weather for the time of year! But it is awful for walking in the park and it’s nice for studying English.
And …..Let’s start.

Topic : “Where is the best place to live?”

1. I’d like you to open your textbook and read the task of Ex. 9 from the Pg. 125.

Read the texts of Ex. 9 again and do Ex. 10, 11

Write the answers in your copybook. You shouldn’t post this work on e-mail, but you should do it.

But you a very cleaver children and you will do many task from Uchi.Ru. . Every day I open unlimited number tasks on Uchi.Ru at 14:00. Don’t forget about it!