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The 27th of April, Monday
10”a” form.

Good morning, my dear. My students, who has sent me all tasks. Thank you! I have put “5” last week.

But there are lazy children. Students! Listen to me, please. If you don’t send me your work in time, I will give you only “sat”, and I’ll ask you next year.

Let’s start our lesson.

Task 1. Open you book and find Ex. 50 from the page 140. Read the task do it in written form. ( You can see 5 parts of the text, put them in the correct order, write – 3,4,1,2,5.
Task 2. Find Ex. 53. Describe on these pictures. Use the word from the box. Do this work in written form. ATTENTION! I should be able to read this.

Write you answers in copybook and send e-mail: tanya.shabalina2015@yandex.ru .