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The 30th of April, Thursday
9th form

Good morning, dear students. I miss you very much. How do you do?
1) What is the date today?
2) What day of week is it today?
3) What month is it today?
4) What season is it today?
5) What is the weather like today?

Today we work with our English language too. We check your knowledge, acumen, cleverness, sagacity, ingenuity and wit. (Don’t forget to translate these words and learn them by heart)

Today I have only 3 questions for you. Answer these questions. These are not simple.

1. Every night I’m told what to do, and each morning I do what i’m told. But I still don’t escape your scold.
2. What two things can you never eat for breakfast?
3. I’m lighther than a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for more than 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to photo your works and send me your results.

Send me your works to e-mail tanya.shabalina201@yandex.ru
Thank you for your attention!