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6г    8.05.     Робин отправляется в будущее.

     УПР. 2, СТР. 181.

1. Выполните письменный перевод 1й части текста до…. The Inins were very nice to me….
2.Письменно переведите следующие вопросы на русский язык и ответьте на них по английски, опираясь на текст :
*What did Robin’s father say to open the tunnel?
*When will the tunnel open again?
*What is the key to the tunnel?
*What did Robin see when he opened his eyes?
*Why did he want to go back?
*Who were the people with a poster with his name on it?

Please send your works  to  poi@sch7-slob.ru or to  ol.pushkkarev@mail.ru. 10 МАЯ! Don’t forget to do and send them in time.  Good luck!