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The 13th of May
8 A form

Today we take the grammar lesson.

Second Conditional. (Сослагательное наклонение, предложения условия: если … то …)

1/Open your student book on the page 197. Read the rules, write down the information in your dictionary.

2/Open your student book on the page 160. Read the rules here. Did you understand this rules?

3/SB p.160 ex 1. Read and translate this small text. Answer the questions.

4/SB p161 ex 2 look at the typical souvenirs in the UK. Find them in the pictures and read about them in the linguistic and cultural guide.

5/ SB p161 ex 2.2 which of the things would you or your family buy if you were on a visit to the UK?
Write sentences in your workbook. Don’t forget to write the date, date of week

SB p 162 ex 3.2 write sentences (9s) Use a model as an example.

Don’t forget to photo your works and send me your results.
Send me your work on e-mail: tanya.shabalina2015@yandex.ru

Thank you for your attention!