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9в   14.05.  Лица горы Рашмор.

1. Прочитайте и переведите 2й отрывок текста от…. It all started in 1923…на стр. 203 до…..
Finally, on July4, 1934…..

2.Письменно переводим следующие вопросы
на русский язык и отвечаем на них по английски :
*Whose idea was to carve the faces in the mountain?
*What did he think about it?
*Whose funding was given to support the idea?
*Why was Mount Rushmore a suitable place for the sculptor Gutzon Borglum?
*Which words were the beginning of years of hard work?
*What did the workers use dynamite for?
*What did the workers have to do if they made a mistake while carving the faces?

Please send your works  to  poi@sch7-slob.ru or to  ol.pushkkarev@mail.ru. Don’t forget to do and send them in time.  Good luck!