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9а(2й ин.яз).  История одного шотландского мальчика.

По итогам прошедшей недели только одна Рената получает оценку 4.

1.Прочитайте и выполните письменный перевод следующего текста:

Once upon a time there lived a boy. His name was Robin MacWizard. He lived in Edinburgh five hundred years ago. His family was his father and grandmother because Robin’s mother died when he was two years old. Robin was very sad when she died because he loved his mother.
       Robin’s father was a wizard and the boy could
do a lot of magic things too. Robin was also very clever and brave.
       At that time Scotland was very weak and poor, and life was very difficult.
        Robin and his father wanted to help their country. “Scotland must be strong and rich again,” they always repeated.

2.Письменно переведите следующие вопросы на русский язык и ответьте на них по английски :
1) Where and when did Robin live?
2) How old was he when his mother died?
3)Why could the boy do magic things?
4)Why was life in Scotland very difficult at that time?
5)Why did they want to help their country?

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