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9в.      20.05.  Безумная Лошадь.

  Упр. 3, стр. 206.
1.Выполните письменный перевод первой половины текста до… That left the Indians with no choice…, используя слова упр. 2,стр.205.

2. Переводим следующие вопросы на русский язык и отвечаем на них по английски :
1)Whose name is Crazy Horse?
2)What kind of life did the Sioux tribe lead?
3)What were the Black Hills for them?
4)What did the Europeans do with the Native American tribes?
5) What did the Indians have to give up?
6)Why did the US government promise the Black Hill area to the Sioux forever in 1868?
7)Why did the US government break their promise?

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