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8вг.     20.05. Эдина остаётся при дворе Генриха Восьмого.

    СТР. 200.
1.Прочитайте и переведите отрывок текста от
… I won’t show the horoscope…. до конца страницы.

2.Письменно переведите следующие вопросы на русский язык и ответьте на них по английски :
1)What will Edine’s father tell the King about the horoscope?
2) Why will Edine stay at the English court(двор)?
3)Why must she guard the child with golden hair like a dog?
4)What will help Edine to protect the child?
5) What kind (какое) of ring did the father give her?
6)Why did Edine want to give the ring to her younger brother Donald?
7)What did her father answer to this?
8)Who did the King ask to look after Edine?
9)Why was everybody happy on 23 June?
10) What did not Edine want to think about on that day?

Please send your works  to  poi@sch7-slob.ru or to  ol.pushkkarev@mail.ru. Don’t forget to do and send them in time.  Good luck!