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  9a.    2.06.    OLIVER IS WOUNDED

    The results of the last week:
Positive marks were got by Plusnina A., Lobovikova A., Kropotina V., Chirkova I., Ashikhmina A., Kormschikov V. This week you are getting marks for the 3rd term and the year.

       PP 44-45.

1. Read and translate the extract from the beginning of p. 44 till the 7th chapter on p. 45.

2. Write down the translation of the next question s and answer them in English:
1) What will Sikes do if Oliver doesn’t get up?
2) What did Oliver ask him about?
3) How did Sikes make Oliver be quiet?
4) How high was the window that Crackit forced open above the ground?
5) What did Oliver have to do?(ответ от 3го лица)
6) How did Oliver get into the house?
7) What did Sikes remind him about when he was
pointing with his gun to the front door?
8) What did Oliver decide to do?
9) Why did Oliver drop his light?
10) Who came to the top of the stairs?
11) What happened to Oliver?
12) Who pulled him up?
13) What did Oliver feel himself?

Please send your works  to  poi@sch7-slob.ru or to  ol.pushkkarev@mail.ru. Don’t forget to do and send them in time.  Good luck!