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9в.     2.06.   Летняя работа для американских

Итоги прошедшей недели:
Кормщиков М. – 3/4, Грязев А. – 5, Головина А. – 4, Мартемьянова К. – 4, Лицман В. – 5, Лицман М. – 5, Семин М. – 4.

                    УПР. 7, СТР. 189-191.
1.Прочитайте и переведите текст упражнения, используя слова упр. 4,стр.188.

2.Письменно переводим следующие вопросы
и отвечаем на них по английски :
1) What should you do to find a summer job?
2) What are the options you can try? Enumerate them.
3)Why is working at a cafe or a restaurant suitable for those who want to earn as much money as possible?
4) What opportunities do washing the dishes or clearing the tables give if you think about them positively?
5)Why is babysitting very useful for those who are responsible and love kids?
6) What is an extra advantage for the teens who like to look after a garden?
7) Why do many people who have pets offer you the dog walking job?
8) What kind of help can you offer if you are very good at using a computer?
9) What advantages are guaranteed if you decide to work at an amusement park?
10) What personal qualities should you have for the work at a summer camp, national park or a holiday resort?

Please send your works  to  poi@sch7-slob.ru or to  ol.pushkkarev@mail.ru. Don’t forget to do and send them in time.  Good luck!